Build the voice that makes you happy!

With help from someone who knows the challenges and the methods to overcome them.

Voice training for trans and non-binary people and anyone else with an interest in changing the gender presentation of their voice!


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Discover your true voice and how to best work toward your goals, whatever they may be.

  • Learn in a friendly and accessible way
  • Lessons for any voice type and goal
  • Public and Private lessons available
  • Tailored to your situation and learning style
  • Recorded for your review

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You can see my pedagogy / teaching methods here.


Join my server! We do practice sessions, Q/A, workshops and give out two free lessons every week!

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Discord Server

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There is a wiki subdomain with a lot of voice resources found here!

It's meant as a reference material and guide, and welcomes any new info or contributions.

Voice Resource Wiki

preview of wiki

This is meant to be a community project, so if you'd like to add more information, contact us or make a pull request on github!

If you seem to know what you're doing, we can just give you editor permissions.


I make videos too :) More to come!

youtube channel